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Help from the Duke of Edinburgh Award 

Local boy Charlie has been collecting and delivering food donations regularly as part of earning his Duke of Edinburgh Award, We caught up with him to find out more about what this has been like.


What did you need to achieve for your Duke of Edinburgh award?

I needed to volunteer about an hour of my time every week with the Brackley Foodbank. Due to the nature of the collections I did, that time was scheduled into a couple of hours every two weeks so I could get more done at once.


Why the Foodbank?

I wanted to help the Foodbank because I thought it would be more rewarding than helping out a company or helping in a shop. For example. I liked the idea of actually setting something up myself and working with the Foodbank to make these deliveries instead of just showing up somewhere to do my volunteering, especially as it’s very important work being done.


How you feel now you have finished?

I am a little bit sad to have finished with the Foodbank, especially because during my time with them it helped me realise how important the Foodbank is and it was very nice to feel like I was a part of it. Looking back at the previous collections makes me realise just how much has been donated and how much it must have helped. I’m hoping to pass the role onto someone else starting their Duke of Edinburgh Award, so that hopefully they can keep it going!

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